As a part of the 2015 Inaugural Triumph Games, the CBC assisted the organizers at Our Vet Success in their efforts to provide real-time biometric data on veteran-athlete's participating in the Triumph Games competition held in New York City's Prospect Park. The objective of our data collection was to characterize athletic fitness in wounded veterans, using physiological measures obtained with the Zephyr Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) system, (Zephyr Technology Corp/Medtronic, Annapolis, MD) a body-worn, biomedical sensor platform used in numerous athletic and military training regimens. Thirteen previously injured veteran-athletes were equipped with the Zephyr technology while they competed in a modified triathlon. Physiological measures, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, were obtained using the sensor and processed through the accompanying Zephyr OmniSense software to produce derived measures of aerobic fitness and athletic effort. Triathlon completion time, biometrics and prior injuries were analyzed to characterize and compare athlete performance. Correlation between physiological measures of performance and triathlon completion time suggested that aerobic fitness and athletic effort as measured by the Zephyr platform are strongly associated with performance. Our data also indicated that veterans enduring traumatic injury can compete at very high levels and demonstrate excellent physiologic measures of fitness, independent of injury.