The following are a few examples of digital health research and elite performance studies conducted by the Center for Body Computing. These studies proved vitally important to providing the knowledge and real-world experience of these products enabling companies to successfully launch into a competitive marketplace.

heart monitoring in the palm of your hand

The CBC previously partnered with AliveCor to not only validate the first generation AliveCor mobile ECG sensor but also to discover new and interesting use-cases for remote heart monitoring on a device doubling as a phone case. The 2,000 patient usability and behavioral study captured 30-second ECG and heart rate data as well as user feedback regarding app engagement to further understand how on-demand diagnostic tools can improve health literacy over a six month period with mobile technology. 

The new standard for chronic disease management & medication adherence

In collaboration with Proteus Digital Health, the CBC is studying an ingestible sensor solution that can be implanted into medications for a population of USC heart failure patients. These sensors are networked and can communicate with data clouds, allowing for easy monitoring of medication adherence by physicians and patient family members to assist in treatment. Patients are also able to access and manage their medications, steps, activity, rest, heart rate, blood pressure and weight through the Proteus mobile app. The study will analyze the ability of the Proteus platform to be utilized as a chronic disease management tool for patients needing to adhere to multiple medications. Patients in the study will be taking two to three heart failure management medications and we will validate sensor transmission as well as the applicability of the platform for hospital to home transition care. 


We have created a mobile app on Apple's ResearchKit to study engagement with biometrics and social media. The app leverages the ubiquitous trend of photo-sharing to learn how heart rate and other biometrics influences relationships in a social community. Users  embed heart rate data into a photo that is then shared with the Biogram audience and community.  Join us. Learn yourself and learn others through the power of narrative, experience, emotion and health. 

             Biogram allows users to tag their photos with their heart rate and share their emotions.

             Biogram allows users to tag their photos with their heart rate and share their emotions.

Team based care for high risk patients

The CBC in collaboration with Medable is developing a mobile application for patients with ventricular assist devices (VAD) due to end-stage heart failure. The app prompts patients to collect daily VAD numbers and send an image of their driveline site in order to see if they are showing signs of infection. The supporting healthcare institution's care team can join together through the app to communicate asynchronously on how to best provide care to all patients in need.