Since 2006, the USC Center for Body Computing has been a recognized worldwide pioneer in digital health and as part of Keck School of Medicine of USC, is one of the nation’s leading academic medical institutions. Our clinical research tests and validates technology products and services turning puzzling concepts into powerful tools that make everyone the hero of their own health story.

 We customize our work for each Partner but typically, our research falls into three categories:


Pilot Studies

We use digital health technology to evaluate health and performance in populations such as medical center patients; college environment students, staff and faculty; military units or sports teams and individual athletes. Participant groups can be customized from 1 to more than 1,000 participants by incorporating digital health tools and elements such as social communities to scale the research.


Part of our Membership benefits, the USC CBC offers intensive sessions with Partners to evaluate concepts and strategies for the next generation of digital health delivery. We curate the best and brightest from our USC ecosystem and thought leader experts to discuss, brainstorm and develop go-to market strategies or moonshot projects depending on Partner needs.


This is the USC CBC version of product validation. We test digital health hardware and software designs and functionality and provide expert medical and health insights into optimizing engagement and outcomes.


Much of our research is published in medical, health and digital health journals. Click here to see the list of published research articles on PubMed.


Unrestricted Gifts are used to support innovation in digital health research and the publication and distribution of research and staff projects that lie outside the bounds of project-based grants. Be assured that your unrestricted gift will be used by the CBC to help bring healthcare to everyone, everywhere.
Restricted Gifts should be discussed with CBC leadership who can help donors identify meaningful ways to support work on specific issues. Contact Mona Sobhani, PhD, Research Lead (mona.sobhani@med.usc.edu), to initiate a discussion.