In this in-depth podcast interview, Leslie Saxon, visionary cardiologist discusses developing wearable and implanted technology to prevent and treat disease, enhance our lives and promote longevity. l LLAMA Podcast, May 16, 2017

Scott Fraser, Leslie Saxon and Arthur Toga discuss "The Future of Medicine" | USC Global Conference, October 2015, Shanghai, China

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From mobile devices to wearable gear, the increasingly ergonomic, small, lightweight, body conscious, attachable, controllable and comfortable devices we use are becoming physical extensions of ourselves. From phone to Fitbit, as we become more dependent on these devices, our comfort level with the capture and use of our intimate personal data increases. | SXSW 2015 - Biometrics & Identity: Beyond Wearables, March 2015, Austin, TX

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Wearables are a hot commodity today. Everywhere you look you cannot escape it - on the street we see folks wearing their Oculus Rifts or Google Glasses enabled with the latest apps; in fashion, there is more and more integration of designer technologies; and in healthcare, there is increasing usage of wearables as tools for encouraging greater overall wellness. | IEEE Standards Association: ConnectedX Series, November 2014, Los Angeles, CA

Leslie Saxon, chief of cardiovascular medicine at Keck School of Medicine of USC discusses the internet of things in healthcare during the segment "The Future of Medicine and Health Care." | USC Global Conference, October 2014, New York City, NY

Dr. Leslie Saxon talks about digital medicine and the future of networked humans. Dr. Saxon started an innovation center for wearable sensors, then scaled her operation to follow patients across the globe on a network by integrating wearable sensors and allowing people to manage their care. | SXSW, March 2014, Austin, TX

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