The judges will evaluate submissions based on the following five criteria:

  • Impact. Extent to which the solution demonstrates potential to support people from groups that are commonly underserved (e.g. individuals with developmental disabilities, seniors and veterans) and considers the potential benefit of having other stakeholders (e.g., caregivers, healthcare providers, payers, etc.) interact with the solution.
  • Experience. Degree to which the concept engages and seamlessly serves the unique needs of one or more segments of the population.
  • Innovation. Degree to which the concept takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the voice recognition interface to incorporate supporting technologies and create a comprehensive solution.
  • Vision. Extent to which the solution illustrates the future potential of voice technology to address the needs of  individuals with developmental disabilities, seniors or veterans and the stakeholders supporting them.
  • Team Potential. Perceived ability and commitment of Entrant and team to develop the concept into a working prototype by the end of the Hackathon and sustain it beyond the Hackathon timeframe.