Summary of Conference

The 11th Global Body Computing Conference’s theme is “Building the New Healthcare”.  We are in the midst of great change in healthcare.  Software is eating the world one industry at a time and companies must adapt or become irrelevant. The next great re-invention opportunity is in Healthcare and it will be a massive shift where new industry leaders will be created. This year, we pull together thought-leaders in digital health and human performance and explore a range of topics from cybersecurity and regulation, to internet of things, wearables, and virtual assistants.

  • Opening Remarks: Building the New Healthcare

  • California: Positioned to Lead the Digital Health Revolution

  • Los Angeles: Where Tech Meets Story

  • How do Industrial Giants Transition to Software and Services for Digital HealthCare?

  • Connected Health in California: Government, Med Tech and Creative Sectors

  • How to Leverage Digital Sensors, Social Networks, and Software to Combat Diabetes

Session 1 

Session 2 

  • How Ride Sharing Improves Health Outcomes for Seniors

  • Achieving Better and Broader Health Care Outcomes with Digital Tools

  • Sensors Above the Skin-Where Does the Data Go?-Warfighters Training and Deployment

Session 3

  • Player Tracking as a Labor Issue

  • LA 2024: Creating New Experiences Through Connected Athletics: LA 2024 Olympic Bid  

  • Current State of Wearables for Elite Sports

Session 4

  • Activity Sensors - Who, What, Where, When-Results of the Level Study and Level Product Launch

  • What Form Will the Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Take?

  • Cybersecurity and Continuous Risk Assessment - How Does Cyber Work in Digital Health?