William Hsu, MD

Vice President, International Programs, Innovation, Funding and Medical Director of Asian Clinic, Senior Endocrinologist, Joslin Diabetes Center


William C. Hsu, MD is Vice President at Joslin Diabetes Center leading the International Programs, Innovation to extend Joslin’s mission to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. As founder of the International Programs, Dr. Hsu leads an interdisciplinary team to establish culturally relevant diabetes programs, implement sustainable health care delivery model and create innovative, enduring solutions in over 10 countries. Dr. William Hsu's research projects focus on understanding causes of diabetes in populations that are not typically overweight. As Founder and Medical Director of Joslin’s Asian Clinic, Dr. Hsu spearheaded Joslin’s efforts to provide ethnically and culturally tailored care for Asian Americans. Dr. Hsu published key research on diabetes care, and conducted numerous community and national projects that address diabetes awareness and health disparities. As a subject expert, he serves on several national committees at the American Diabetes Association and has co-authored national Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. More recently, he has focused his investigation on mobile health, including exploring the use of digital health technology to support diabetes management.