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13th Annual Body Computing Conference

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Friday, September 13, 2019

What is the USC BCC?

For 13 years, the annual Body Computing Conference has been a gathering of top thought leaders and innovators in digital health across diverse industries. Each year we showcase compelling content and host discussions that help to foster partnerships, investments, and research projects. By demonstrating real world results and creating intimate networking opportunities, we provide direct access and exposure to innovation. Join us on September 13, 2019 at the beautiful USC Town and Gown venue and become part of the community spearheading progress in the world of digital health. The theme for this year’s Conference will be announced shortly, and tickets will be available soon.

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Past Speakers and Attendees


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Industry Value Creation

Our conference participants have created almost ½ billion dollars in value for the digital healthcare industry

  • Proteus (spoke at 2012, 2013, 2014) released AMBILIFY MYCITE, an FDA-approved digital pill that is embedded with a sensor.

  • Misfit (CEO speaker and attendee in CBC 2012, 2012, 2014), acquired for $260 million in 2015

  • AliveCor (CEO spoke at 2012-2015, participated in CBC study in 2013 and CEO awarded first Digital Health Innovator Award in 2016, has received $43.5 million in venture funding.

  • Basis participated in the conference in 2012 where we demonstrated how a commercial tablet could be used as a programmer, was acquired by Boston Scientific for $150 million.


What People Are Saying

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“I am so excited!  I feel now that I’m here, ‘Why did I come in year 11, I wanted to be in on the ground floor?’…What is so exciting about this conference is that you have leaders from various companies, academic institutions, philanthropies all coming together with the common concern of improving health and health outcomes across the lifespan thinking about it in terms of healthspan. I’ve made a number of important connections already today.  I’m coming back!”

Lisa Marsh Ryerson, President AARP Foundation

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“I’m incredibly impressed, this is my first time here to see what Dr. Saxon has been doing, her passion and her dedication to digital health, a lot of people talk about it, Dr. Saxon really puts this into action and that’s really exciting for us to be part of it.”

Robert Ford, Executive VP, Medical DevicesAbbott


“This has been an amazing experience for me personally. The network of people here, the commitment by USC in this space is tremendous. It’s also been a tremendous opportunity to meet people beyond just our general scope of what you might think is a natural fit.”

Dan Trigub, Head of Healthcare Partnerships Lyft


“I think that California will be the leader in this [cybersecurity] just because it is in the culture of innovation for all of us to be o the leading edge of technology globally and that is why we think we need to be a part of this conversation with the USC Center for Body Computing to make sure we have recommendations for all health care providers, systems and businesses.”

Sid Voorakkara, Deputy Director, External AffairsCalifornia  Governor’s Office  of Business & Economic Development – GO-Biz


Incomparable Speakers

Some of the thought Leaders from healthcare payers and providers, military and sports, tech, government and entertainment, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs - leading voices in digital health who have spoken at past BCCs.

Some of the thought Leaders from healthcare payers and providers, military and sports, tech, government and entertainment, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs - leading voices in digital health who have spoken at past BCCs.

Past Sponsors and Attendees

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2017 BCC Press Coverage

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By the numbers:

36.8+ million impressions generated

11 media/reporters and 1 TV crew attended

23 media outlets have covered news to date

The USC Body Computing Conference is an industry-leading platform, allowing sponsors to be valued influencers and become a major part of future healthcare.

How to Engage With Us

1. Annual Membership

Become a member of the USC Center for Body Computing and enjoy year-long benefits including high-profile participation at the 13th Annual Global Body Computing Conference.

 2. Conference Sponsorship

Support the 13th Annual Global Body Computing Conference with sponsorship that elevates your company’s role in the influencer sphere of digital health.

There are numerous sponsor levels. Contact Mona Sobhani, PhD at USC CBC for more details:

Name: Mona Sobhani, Ph.D.

Email: Mona.Sobhani@med.usc.edu