2018 SLAM Competition

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What is SLAM?

Every year in conjunction with the conference, the CBC also hosts a SLAM competition inviting multidisciplinary teams to solve a new problem using digital health tools. This year, the competition focused on how technology can address a current health care problem and created solutions that are patient-centric.

$10,000 prize

The purpose of the SLAM competition is to foster innovation and creativity in the field of digital healthcare solutions. By offering a grand prize each year, we are proud to show our support of each year’s winning team. Teams are judged by a panel of experts in a number of business and healthcare fields, and their judgements and comments are based on wide ranging considerations, from financial to medical and beyond.

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This Year’s Winners: Physio^2

Physio^2, headed by their developers Emily Mischel and Benji Rostoker presents an innovative approach to physical therapy targeted at older adults and their families, and among other things, it allows family members to complete customized physiotherapy sessions with each other through video calling with the aim being to increase a patient’s engagement their healthcare, promote social connection, and increase compliance to beneficial proscribed physical therapy, even after professional therapy at a gym has ended.